Joyce Valenza’s Manifesto

Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians, by Joyce Valenza

This manifesto is incredible. I don’t even understand most of it, and it pretty much terrifies me, but it’s awesome just the same.

Joyce Valenza has basically compiled a list of all the possible activity you could be expected to create/ initiate/ manage and support, as a TL.

It is extremely IT-centric and that is what frightens me, but I realise I can and will learn this stuff with time…as long as I am open minded and willing.

I love the way she says that the library is “not a grocery store, but a kitchen!”,  meaning that, rather then being just a place to come and get stuff (ie. information), it is a place where people come to collaborate and create. It makes the library seem like it can be a very exciting place, full of all sorts of potential, and a place that students of the future will want to be.

If we can appeal to and resonate with our students through mediums they ‘get’ (such as the many IT examples that Valenza mentions), it seems that a powerful space can be created that will foster and support the big global and ethical ideas.

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